Use the boxes, trap the monsters! – Clave 0.1.0

This is the first actual (pre-alpha) release of Clave. Finally! \o/

I originally developed this game over-night on 12/13 April 2012 in the context of a university course. The task back then was to build a minimal C#/XNA game only using circles and squares for graphics.

The game idea derives heavily from the box/circle requirement: My thinking was that the circles likely should be something that moves and that the squares would represent things blocking the movement. This lead to the idea of one circle being that tries to create an area on the map with boxes that is separated from the other circle beings.

The result actually made a lot of fun for an overnight project and also impressed the other course participants and instructors. Obviously, the code was geared towards throwaway-prototyping. But I always wanted to redo a “clean” implementation of Clave.

Thus, in 2016, I recoded the original game using Scala.js (and with browser 3d graphics using Three.js). The levels and mechanics are mostly identical with the original overnight prototype. Today’s release is mostly this version with some bug fixes and extended by support for touch devices since 2016.

I’m still hoping to extend on the mechanics one day. But for now, this pre-alpha release is just a more shiny version of the proof-of-concept game from 2012. I hope, you enjoy it anyways. It can be played directly on The source is on Don’t let the monsters get you! :)

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